Tree planting campaign

In the new year, I am going to start developing and promoting an environmental campaign, because, through my business of Emagazines, I want to focus on the necessity to live a bit greener, keep it green and read your news on the screen, as well as reminding vehicle users that trees need to be planted. I am even prepared to donate a % of my profits into tree planting projects. I can do this both in UK and in Malawi.

I am very grateful for all the information above from you all and if any of you would like to contribute further, especially in the campaign I mention above, please contact me at

As I have always thought, (and in the past have done) more trees in the ground is only a good thing. (As long as they are the right trees and have a benefit to the community other than firewood. This last comment – relative in particular to Malawi)


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