Green, Progressive Web Hosting Companies – the New Wave?

Global warming, the destruction of natural habitats and a myriad of other environmental threats facing our planet are being taken very seriously by many — including some web site hosting companies.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) December 7 2005 — Global warming, the destruction of natural habitats and a myriad of other environmental threats facing our planet are being taken very seriously by many — including some web hosting companies.

ThinkHost, Inc. (, a progressive principles based web hosting company established in 1999, have recently switched their hosting operations to 100% renewable energy; powered through a wind/solar mix.

Vladislav Davidzon, Executive Director of ThinkHost explains, “We’ve had a very serious environmental/progressive business commitment since we began. We sponsor a number of environmental groups and have had a very successful donation program in place since early 2004.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve also made further efforts to minimize any negative impact our web hosting business has on the environment — after all, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution — and we’ve chosen to be the latter. Paying the added cost of renewable energy is an investment that we are only too pleased to make. The transition has been seamless and our clients pay no extra. The big bonus for our clients is that they can market their sites as being green-powered and be happy in the knowledge that by hosting with us, they are increasing their contribution towards positive social change.”

Due to ThinkHost’s infrastructure and geographical distribution, the company couldn’t install solar panels or construct wind turbines to supply their needs, but green energy certificates allowed ThinkHost to achieve its goals.

After an extensive audit of electricity use — everything from server consumption to the power used in staff offices scattered throughout the world, ThinkHost acquired the necessary green energy tags to offset the non-renewable consumption. This is becoming an increasingly common practice with forward thinking companies.

Mr Davidzon elaborates: “Why invest millions in green power generation infrastructure, when it’s already available through green energy certificates — the end result is the same. The certificates we acquire ensures that the equivalent kilowatts will be fed into the grid from wind/solar sources rather than non-renewable means. It’s a win-win situation. The more companies that do this, the cheaper that green energy will become until we’re at a point that all electricity is generated via earth-friendly methods. We let the experts in the field generate the energy, allowing us to focus on what we do best; providing web hosting services and supporting other community/progressive projects through our donation and discounts program”.

Further to implementing their 100% renewable energy policy as part of the company’s green program, ThinkHost also plans to assist other businesses in understanding progressive principles via their new blog at and forums at

“Companies can become really secretive about their operations and miserly in what they give back to the community that they profit from” says Mr Davidzon, “To us, it’s not just about the bottom line. We want to be different, to demonstrate to others how to achieve what we have through the implementation of progressive business principles and also by supporting other groups and companies who apply them. It’s become quite clear that not only business, but our society and planet in general are threatened by current slash and burn practices. We’re all in this together and only together can we overcome these challenges.”

But does the average customer know this or really care?

“We believe so. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and they will make the message loud and clear with their dollars. They will gravitate towards companies such as ThinkHost that can see past the next financial year – way past, to generations yet to come who must live on the planet that we leave them. This is not just a tree-hugging, bleeding heart philosophy as some cynics may think, it is simply good business.”

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Press Contact: Michael Bloch
Company Name: ThinkHost, Inc.
Phone: 775-981-9010

More Information:


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