‘Risen’ woman sparks wrangle

Via Nyasanet

Friday, 9 December 2005
National ‘Risen’ woman sparks wrangle – by Lucas Bottoman, 09 December 2005

An angry mob from Tanga Village, Traditional Authority Malili in Lilongwe on Wednesday stoned three women and two   men who came from Mitundu to substantiate claims that Everesi Miliyo, who is said to have risen from the dead, was their daughter.

A cousin to the risen woman, Kiliyoni Chidzanja, said the villagers stoned the claimants who were accompanied by a police van because they were angered by statements made by one the police officers who was said to be biased towards the Mitundu claimants.

“People were provoked by one of the officers who accompanied the claimants for saying he once saw the risen girl in Area 25. The police officers use of force in trying to take the woman away from Tanga and hand her over to the claimants also angered the villagers,” explained Chidzanja.

He accused the police officers of having a preconceived idea about where the resurrected woman belongs.

“The police officers did not come for discussions but wanted to use force to get away the risen woman, contrary to the agreement made on the first day when the matter was reported to their office that each side would be given a chance to substantiate their claims,” said Chidzanja.

He said the villagers unanimously claimed that the risen woman is a daughter of their village and that they are ready to protect her at any cost.

“We are confirming without any hesitation that the risen woman is of Tanga Village and we will never let her go. The proposal that the matter should be resolved at the Lilongwe District Commissioner’s office is a nonstarter and we will not accept it. If they want let them bring the DC to Tanga to resolve the issue right here where it happened,” said Chidzanja.
Detective Sergeant Joseph Namuse of Sinyala Police Unit confirmed that the Tanga Villagers threw stones at the   claimants.

“Villagers stoned at the claimants from Mitundu. But we tried as much as possible to protect them. Nobody was harmed. Currently we have referred the matter to our immediate boss for his decision about the next course of action and he has not yet given the feedback,” said Namuse.

The claimants were expected to report at Sinyala police post again Friday to resolve the matter.

Everesi Miliyo, 25, died on November 18, 2005 and is said to have risen on November 30, 2005.


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