Defining the Mission

“Would you please tell me where do you go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get.”
“I don’t much care where.”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
– Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


Why does The Friday Team exist? Give a definition of its purpose.

1.   To promote locations as destinations for travel, entertainment & business, from a positive viewpoint, through a blog and Emagazine dedicated to a) each county in the UK – b) Malawi – c) other locations as requested in the future.

2.   To highlight community, charitable and environmental events and activities in those locations, for the explicit reason of a better place to live and a better way to live.

3. To provide an effective and alternative media in which travel, entertainment and business can be promoted.


What are The Friday Teams social responsibilities? What is the future direction?

Using the above purposes of existence, TFT instigates:

1) a positive interest in the audiences local environment, events, services and culture;

2) a positive knowledge of unknown (to the audience) locations, entertainment, business and culture, either on the UK doorstep or in Malawi;

3) an article recourse bank to inspire the audience on a variety of subjects;

4) an increased demand of online reading;

5) to instigate contributions to a tree bank, both in UK and Malawi.


What community does TFT serve?

Small & corporate businesses, students, charities, enviromentalists, entertainers, venues, event managers, families, new computer users, journalists, photographers, web designers and entrepreneurs.


What are TFTs standards and values?

1) We aim to supply a network that is easy to use, whatever the audiences background, whether they be a savvy computer user, or a beginner;

2) we aim to supply a message that is inspirational and/or thought provoking;

3) we do supply good, clean humour, suitable for a family audience;

4) we aim to make a difference to the world, through online communication and media.

 5) we supply an effective advertising medium for products, services and events.



2 Responses to “Defining the Mission”

  1. A Says:

    Thats a good set of ideals

  2. imroz Says:

    Thank you ‘A’.

    Do you have a brother called ‘Q’ ? Only I wanted some of those flash gadgety things..


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