Mai Chimwemwe 

Born in Ashford, Middlesex, early seventies, my birthday is on 25 February and in 2006 I will be 21 again for the 14th time. That is some record! But not as great as my Mum’s, who, has celebrated this event for, um, ok I won’t mention it here and now…

Currently studying at the University of Life (and have been since that day in the early seventies).

Originally wanted a career in modelling because I thought I might have a chance. Started putting a portfolio together, but it went stalemate, because my boyfriend at the time was very jealous, I had not ‘found myself’ and so did as he told me to do and stopped. Things you do when young and then regret later in life, of course.

Took a trip to Malawi in 1994, with 1 suitcase, 1 rucksack and 1 baby, my first born son, Oliver. Stayed for 10 years. Had another baby boy, born in Malawi, at home, with no assistance.  That is another story and quite a good one, for entertainment value, so I should write it up sometime. Got left in Africa, with the boys and no financial or moral support from same boyfriend, so had to return to UK, via the bank of M&D, so that they could continue their education. Turns out it was the best thing for them (on some levels), they love it, but they don’t like the cold.

I am absolutely horse mad, play a mean game of pool and I am still waiting for my friend Andrew to allow me to drive either his Ferrari or Lamboughini, down the A1 into London for lunch and back again. Well he did offer. It’s just a shame that he is currently in the middle of the Atlantic, in a rowing boat, on his way to Antigua.

Currently drive a clapped out Ford Escort and live on one of the worst council estates in Newark on Trent. At least it is not the very worst, but hey, it’s character building….

Man FridayRozJonaJonawith gods blessings xx.jpg

Committed to my Man Friday. It’s the start of our 3rd year together in March.

Very ambitious and would like to retire when I am 40. 8-) On account of the fact that I am only 21, I still have plenty of time to achieve this.


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