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July 26, 2007

“We have come here for only one reason, to see how we are going to deal with our fellow man.
It’s not about how righteous we will be – throw that out.
It is about where our consciousness lies with our fellow man.
This is the most critical task of humanity.”
– The Rav



July 26, 2007

I went along to Folkstr today and had a play with Combtails shiny new site.

 I quite like it.

Seth Godin

July 15, 2007

Notes from Seth Godin talk – Sliced bread and other marketing delights at

Can I get my idea to spread?

More Choices Less time = ignore stuff

Is it remarkable?

Target early adopters

The desire of people who are obsessed

Target those people

Sell to people who are listening and then they will tell their friends

Be at the fringes

Who does care?

Who wants to hear what you are doing next?


July 15, 2007

If Data can become art or simplified for even young children to understand, then this is the man for the job. Hans Rosling gives a 20 minute presentation outlining some fascinating statistics.

If you want to learn more about the world then follow this link.


May 28, 2007